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      Add£ºZhenxing Road, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, No. 1

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      Dear Everyone! Welcome to our website. Here, on behalf of all employees of Taixing Beste Marine Spares Ltd. Liability Co. I would like to express my loyal thanks to all new and old customers who cares about and support our company!
      Based on the principle of starting from science and technology and winning through science and technology, our company has carried out long-term and extensive technical cooperation with famous scientific research institutions at home and abroad, hired well-known experts as consultants, and successfully developed marine deck machinery, cable (cable) retraction and release device, marine trencher, air conditioning and ventilation system, ship outfitting series, ship mooring series, diesel engine accessories and marine (land use) Waste incinerator and other products.
      In the shipping system, our company publicly promises to "strengthen our national industry with our national ambition", "be the backbone of our country and raise our national prestige", and work with aspiring manufacturers all over the country to "fight a blood path" for the national industry and provide high-quality products and services for the world shipbuilding industry.

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